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※ Please note that the below information has been produced under collaboration of "2018 Gangneung Food Festival" and  "K-Festival Travellers"

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Hello! We are K-Festival Travellers, informing Korean festivals to the public.

Today, we’d like to inform you with the 2018 Gangneung Food Festival, planned to be opened along side the global festival of Pyeongchang Winter Olympics.



Gangneung, the city hosting ice skating games, is only 30 minutes away from Pyeongchang.

Located near the beautiful East Sea, around 210,000 people reside in this attractive city.

An-ban-de-gi Village in Gangneung

Did you know that this city (Gangneung) is planning for an exciting festival during the Winter Olympics?

The city’s planning to host 2018 Gangneung Food Festival to share the delicate taste of local foods with the world!


Here you can meet various local foods made out of fresh ingredients and all sorts of special food products on sale.

Also available are dozens of various foods made out of potatoes, squids and tofu from Gangneung.

Don’t you worry meat lovers – there’s also different kinds of meat products.

Want to first take a look at different kinds of foods from Gangneung?

4. 초당두부밥상
Chodang Tofu bapsang

2018 10 kinds of Gaungneung Specialty Food


Bet you all are hungry now?!


Yes, you can enjoy various kinds of foods shown above through this festival.

As this is a food festival, cooking show with the famous Korean chef (Choi Hyun Seok), food performance and street performances are also lined up as an agenda!


Another fascinating aspect of the festival is that you can sign up to make Gangneung’s local foods yourselves!!


Now, let’s take a deeper dive into festival programs !







2. Exhibit


3. Experience


4. Market


5. Event


6. Food tour (EVENT)


On-site festival

translator volunteers


Be on the look out for on-site translators if you have any questions and/or difficulties.

We may be short on staff considering the size of the festival; however, we will do our best to facilitate a smooth and successful festival.

Festival Venue

Please see below for festival venue and map for your reference.


명주예술마당 Myungju Art Center

2021 Talgang-ro, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, Korea




Further information regarding Gangneung Foods

Check out below short video and ‘Gangneung’s specialty food trip’ webpage for further information about Gangneung’s foods.


2018 10 kinds of Gaungneung Specialty Food

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강릉특선음식 홈페이지


“2018 Gangneung Cultural Olympiad”

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We are certain that this festival full of Gangneung’s local foods will capture not only Koreans but also foreigners’ tastes!

We hope this information will maximize your experience in Gnagneung!

– K-Festival Travellers –

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※ You can also check out further information of this festival at 2018 Gangneung Cultural Olympiad Homepage.


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